Wordpress, jQuery plugin development

jSon Slider, Carousel & Timeline

This is a multi purpose jQuery plugin. We can crate slider, carousel & timeline.

It is a responsive and fast-loading slider with built-in search functionality and other powerful features.





Image Slider

Full Screen Slider

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Main Features

  • Awesome CSS & jQuery animation

    There is option for set CSS & jQuery animation to node in this silder.

  • Fully responsive

    jSon Slide is fully responsive jQuey plugin. It is working fine in all devices.

  • Search within slide

    Search is unique option in this slider. We can search within slides by use of this option.

  • YouTube and HTML5 videos

    We can set YouTube OR HTML5 video in slide. Also we can set video in background.

  • Carousel, Testimonial & Timeline

    This plugin have 3 main js files. json-slider.js (for Slider), json-carousel.js (for Carousel), json-timeline.js (for Timeline)

  • Very fast loading slider

    This plugin converts the jSon object to HTML at load time of webpage. So this slider does not affect load time of web page.

  • Sorting option in carousel

    Sorting is also unique option in carousel. We can sort carousel as selected value in sorting dropdown.

  • Option for circulation of slides

    We have option for circulation of slides which make slider as infinite loop.

  • Full screen & thumbnails option

    Also we can set slider height as same as window height and we can display thumbnails in pagination.