Phogat sisters

The Phogat sisters are six sisters from Haryana, India, all of whom are wrestlers. In order of their date of births, they are: Geeta, Babita, Priyanka, Ritu, Vinesh and Sangita.[1] While Geeta, Babita, Ritu and Sangita are daughters of former wrestler and coach Mahavir Singh Phogat, Priyanka and Vinesh were brought up by Mahavir after their father, who is the brother of Mahavir, was killed in a land dispute.[2] Mahavir trained all six of them in wrestling in their home village of Balali in Bhiwani district.[3][4][5]

Three of the Phogat sisters Geeta, Babita and Vinesh are gold medalists in different weight categories at the Commonwealth Games, while Priyanka has won a silver medal at the Asian Championships. Ritu is a National Championships gold medalist and Sangita has won medals at age-level international championships.[6][7]

The success of the Phogat sisters has attracted substantial media attention, particularly due to the prevalent social issues in Haryana such as gender inequality, female foeticide and child marriage.[8][9] The Bollywood film Dangal released in India on 23 December 2016 is based on the lives of Phogat sisters with Mahavir, Geeta and Babita as its main characters.[10][11]

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